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Beatificación de Don Álvaro
Saladares started in 1992 and distinguishes itself by the personalised character of their learning system, the constant training and research programs of the teaching staff and finally the innovation of the educational curriculum. This means that there is a high level of school success; as a proof we can say that Saladares has reached a 100% of students who passed the "Selectividad test" (Test done in June after the upper sixth level to enter University) in June during the latest years.

Two of its more developed and advanced programs and projects are the DELTA Project, especially designed for the teaching and learning of foreign languages in such a way that the students don’t just merely study English, but work in English. The other program is the "Proyecto de Aprendizaje para los Alumnos de Educación Primaria"(Learning Project for Primary Students), aimed at the students awareness of their critical and reflexive sense and to encourage the development of a mature and caring personality.
Saladares organises one of the most prestigious Internet Contests for students throughout the whole country: "Navegantes" (Navigators). This contest gathers participants from all over Spain, and this is the reflection of the great attention Saladares pays to the new technological resources as a teaching tool and a key mark for the students.
School Saladares
Crta. de Alicún. KM. 10,300 | 04740 Roquetas de Mar-Almería
Telf: 950 559644 | Fax: 950 559640
In the same city of Almería there is a school for female students:
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